Believe in Yourself

I am going to tell you an inspired story, it relates to a successful businessman about his struggle and then how he becomes successful. Now, he owns a large emperor. Let’s start:

He was born in a small village in Japan. His family was poor; they all lived in a small house and have very little money. When he was only 9 years old, he left school and started walking in a small shop to support his family. He used to get up every day before sunrise and started his day with clean the store, run errands and also look after the children for his employer.

Some Years later, destiny showed him a new path and he got a job in an electricity company. There he got interested in light bulbs and sockets. In night, he started learning and experimenting on his own. One day, he made an improved version in light socket all by himself. He got very excited and showed it to his boss but his boss was not impressed and said such a product will never work.

Even though he was rejected, He believed in his idea. He wanted to do something, on his own and start his own company. He asked his friends, they told him that he could not do it. He cannot quit his job and start his own company. He has no experience, very little money and hardly well educated. Still he believed in yourself, so he took a big decision when he turned 22.

He quit his permanent job and started his own small manufacturing company. He and his wife started making sockets in their small house. They both went to door to door selling it but no shop owner was interested, they did not get any orders. Months passed by and still they were not able to sell their product. He sold his furniture and borrowed money to survive a little longer.

Many days he thought ‘I will give up and go back to my job’. But in the morning as the sun rose, he was out on the streets looking for orders surviving for one more day. Then came a time, he was almost bankrupt and just when he was closest to giving up his dream. When a miracle happened in his life, he received a major order of 1000 pieces from anywhere.

Now, 100 years after that first major order of 1000 pieces, his company, now has over 250000 employees with annual sales of more than $65 billion. His company products are now sold across the world. All this was possible by a man with no education and no money. All he had was a belief in himself. His name is ‘Konosuke Matsushita’.  The company he started in his small house is now known as ‘Panasonic’ worldwide.

“Success is about your self-confidence and will power, it does not depend on how educated you are or how much money you have.”

So, if you too are in pursuit of success, just have self confidence in yourself, when nothing is left, when you are also desperate, just wait for a miracle that will change your life forever because this miracle is the result of your will power.

It is never too late

A long time ago there was a man in the United States, brought up in an ordinary middle-class family. His father was a loving family man and worked in his farm. When he was 5 years old, on a summer afternoon his father came home with a fever. He saw his father in pain, but could not understand what was going on. That day doctor was called twice, he could see from far his mother crying. He got scared, that was the first time he saw his mother cry. Later that day his father died. He was too young to realize what has happened, but will always remember that summer afternoon, all his life. After his father’s death, his mother started stitching clothes of other people and also got a job in a factory. At seven, he learned how to cook, to feed his younger siblings, as his mom was away working.

One day he baked his first bread, he wanted to show this to his mother, but she was working in a factory three miles away. He grabbed the bread and took his five year old brother and sister along with him. Three of them walked three miles across the field, so he could show his mother his first loaf of bread. When they reached factory, he started searching for his mother, his mother saw him so far, carrying a loaf of bread in his hand and having a huge smile on his face. She came, held the bread in her hand and gave him a big hug.

At age 10, he began work as a helper in the farmland and then took up job painting horse carriages. He left school after sixth grade, so he could work full-time. Life moved on job after job, he sometimes worked as a conductor, then joined the United States Army for a while, then cleaned trains and even worked as a helper in railway construction. May be he was never satisfied, maybe he was still searching.

He was 18, when he met a beautiful girl they fell in love, soon got married and had three beautiful children, but one day he got fired from his job. Once he reached home his wife was gone, there was a note from his wife’s brother saying “she had no business marrying a no-good fellow like you.” He then convinced her to come back. Later, studied and practiced law for some years and after that even became an insurance salesman, all this while moving from one career to another. At age of 30, he established a ferry boat company; the ferry was an instant success. He sold the shares of the company and started a new one, wanting to do something bigger.

He establishes a company manufacturing oil lamps, hired sales people across the country. The business initially started well, with some new orders coming in every day. He felt yes finally I have made it, but destiny had some other plans. A company named Delco introduced electric lamps and the venture failed. Then he started working as a salesman in Michelin tires, but their too, lost his job when the manufacturing plant was shut down. He again started looking for some work and travelled to different cities, to find it.

While coming back, with no money in his pocket, he was looking for a lift to get back home. A man stopped and picked him up in his big car. He shared with the stranger his story, how he is looking for some work. That stranger turned out to be the state manager of Standard Oil. The manager asked him “would you wish to run a service station?” He had no experience of what it takes to run a service station but he said yes. For six years, he managed the place successfully, he sold more fuel than anywhere in the state, but then the Great Depression came, his station closed down like many other businesses at that time.