What is keyword research and Why is it important?

What is Keyword?

It simply means the term that people generally type on search engines to satisfy their query is called a keyword.  Keywords play an important role in improving and elevating the ranking of our website. It would not be wrong if I say that there can be no SEO without focus keyword or key phrase.

To rank your page or post, you must first do research on keywords that better describe your content. So, if people search for that term on Google or any search engine, they simply find that post or page on your website.

Suppose, if your website is related to digital marketing course, then your keyword should be digital marketing course in Delhi, digital marketing module, SEO, social media optimization etc.

Why are keywords important?

Keyword is the most important part in SEO; we cannot start any content writing without researching the right word. Google considers the content of the page or post before ranking. Your content should be around the words and phrases people often search for. This helps your website to rank higher.

With the keyword you can target your audience, country, demographic etc.

For instance,

  • Best digital marketing course in India,
  • Facial cream for women,
  • Best bicycle for sports person.

How do you use keywords in your pages or posts?

If I say that keywords are the most important thing for SEO, it doesn’t mean that you use keywords repeatedly in content. Some tips you should adopt for SEO friendly articles:

  • Content density should be 1-2% of length of the words. Like, if a webpage has a 200-word paragraph, it should not contain more than one keyword;
  • Using keywords in the title of the page;
  • Using the keyword in the meta description;
  • Target the keyword with the image’ alt text;
  • Using the keyword in the URL

These points help you in ranking your page or website.

There are many free and paid tools to research best keyword such as:





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